Bed Styling 101

It can help to think about a bed in layers. This eliminates it feeling like one large flat shape. Layers add interest and look inviting….you want your bed to be welcoming!

  • Add layers of height with pillows or a bedhead
  • Add layers of colour (can be neutrals in a limited colour palette)
  • Add layers of texture 

Simple ways to do this
European or large cushions at the back give height
We love using our floor cushions here for a structured yet soft look
Sleeping pillows (use king pillows on a king bed, think about proportions)
A good set of pillowcases are a must for sleeping and styling
Add a long lumber or feature cushion in front
A doona, bedcover or quilted cover are ideal base layers
Throw rug or folded blanket at end - this is a good place to play with texture and make seasonal changes
Feather inserts are always welcoming
Upsize your doona! (ex. king doona on a queen bed)